The best tips for men. Read on.

Five fashion tips for men. Helping you to look better, instantly waiting to charm the ladies with your looks? Looking to add a little glamour for that office party? The wait is over; these following simple fashion accessories will help you stand out and make your oh-so-usual outfit look like it’s out of a fancy designer store. Here are some simple fashion tips for men to look trendier and more desirable.


Whether you’ve put on a plain t-shirt or a jacket, a solid color scarf is a perfect accessory to jazz up that casual look. Tie it around your neck in a single knot, or wrap it around your neck in a loose manner or any other manner to go with the look that you’ve planned for the event. A scarf is a supremely versatile accessory; it is perfect for every outfit and occasion. Fashion tips for men would be incomplete without the mention of these accessories.


If you’re going for a casual look, black or brown, chunky bracelets make a stylish statement. If a formal look is what you’re targeting, be sure to go ahead with gold, silver or bronze and ensure it’s not too bold. If you’re going for a more informal look, be sure to put on two to three bracelets in just one hand instead of just a single one or multiple in both hands. In case a formal look is what you’re going after, just one would suffice. In case you want to add a little more glam to the metal bracelet, a charm would do the job for you perfectly.


watch is a man’s best friend even in the age of smartphones. A smartphone still has style but has the added advantage of utility. If you’re into fitness, a Fitbit or an iWatch may be a sound investment also. The dial (small or large) and the band (leather or metal) of the watch is entirely your choice, but, a watch is simply a must. For a complete classical style, check out the new range of watches from Ambassador Watches.


Shoes end up making or breaking the entire outfit. You’ve put together the perfect ensemble, but the shoes don’t seem quite to match. Be prepared not to make the mark you’d desired in that case. There’s a host of shoes to choose from – whether you’re putting on loafers, crocs, formal shoes or just flip-flops. Pick the shoe to suit the occasion and the outfit and be sure to choose correctly. With shoes, comfort should precede class and look. While that leather shoe may look extremely stylish, if it’s going to bite into your foot and make you walk funny, you’d rather avoid it. Plus good shoes last a lifetime, so the positive with investing in a good shoe would be that you’d get the full value out of it.


Necklaces may not seem like your style, but believe us when we say, there’s nothing like the perfect necklace to make the right sort of impression. A simple metal chain is a go-to option for all men alike. If you’re in for a little experimentation, a chunky hanging, especially with a symbol of something you appreciate may act as the perfect conversation starter. With these five accessories, you’ll be sure never to go wrong. Fashion for men has never been easier than in today’s day. These tips are not just for the time when you’ve decided to put in extra effort, but even for those times when you’ve put on a solid t-shirt along with jeans to step out casually for a while. Dressing up will become effortless if you make these accessories an essential part of your wardrobe. So wait no more, looking fashionable and trendy just got super easy.