We really went hard on men’s watches.

What? Another review? Come on man. Wait, this one is going to be interesting, in fact, this is going to be dope. Hmm, I meant to say useful. Enough of this crap, what we’re actually doing today? We’re reviewing a bunch of men’s watches and picking the best ones to present to our precious readers. Sir, yes, sir.

Seriously, I need to give up on drugs. I’ve started talking to myself in an article, like wtf. Don’t do drugs kids, however, you have a chance to become a good writer ūüôā Anyways, we’re on a mission. We’ve to review¬†watches¬†NOW!! So, ladies and gentleman…

– Jeeeef!! We have to review men’s watches ffs!!!

Umm dear gentleman, please welcome…

Ambassador Heritage 1863

Come on, guys. Y’all already know that I love this¬†watch. This¬†watch¬†is like your little cousin who wants to be in your rap clip and if you refuse to put him on, punishment is coming for you – no pocket money from your momma. So sad and annoying, right? I feel you bruh.

On a real note though, this is the best watch on the market and people better start realizing that now. I hope you do realize that and you got yourself this damn gorgeous watch. Seriously, why it took so long for people to appreciate it? I can never understand.


– What we have on the list JEFF??


Damn, this¬†watch¬†is not bad you know. It’s hitting that Gucci level. Not exactly the Ambassador Gucci but it’s still a fire piece. The Hugo Boss GRAND PRIX is the perfect¬†watch¬†if you’re all about that “fake it till you make it” lifestyle. JK tho, we’re just having a little laugh, who doesn’t love a little laugh? You’ll be looking hella cool in your new (1-day rent) Porsche with that BAWS¬†watch¬†on your wrist. The definition of a propa millionaire.

Nah, in all seriousness though, this is a good looking¬†watch. You can style it to pretty much anything but it goes especially well with the suit as you can see in the picture (thanks BOSS). They recently released an Android smartwatch but honestly, we would rather go with GRAND PRIX. It’s cool, it’s classy and it’s universal. We love it and we hope you love it too.

– JEEFFF!! End it ffs!!!

So that’s it, you guys, we’ve reviewed 10000¬†watches¬†just for you (you know we love you, right?). Yeah, so how can you appreciate our work? Subscribe and like it, do we have these buttons, Jeff? Also, don’t forget to share it on Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook (we love getting shares). You can also tell your nan about this article. Um, we need to go. As always, keep it 100 and let us know if you like the new article style. We see you soon.